Historic Home Renovators brings to you the ability to transform your ideas into reality and fulfill your design/build needs. This comes with over 30 years of experience in historic home renovation remodel projects and  new construction. We specialize in:

New builds
Room Additions
Garages Additions
Carport Conversions
Custom Cabinetry
Patio Enclosures
Guest Homes
Window Replacements
Construction Consultants

Your vision, your project, your reality.

We are equipped to handle any sized project...and no project is too small.

My team is experienced, understands quality and knows the work that you see in front of the walls is just as important as what is behind the walls. My crew know that I expect first-class workmanship. They never fail to perform and stand behind their product.

My knowledge of the permitting practices, whether historical remodel, new build and new additions are well tested. My experience with the building department is guaranteed to speed up the process of starting your project.

Being Federally EPA certified Remodeler, I can answer questions with regard to what is acceptable as to lead paint health standards in older homes.

My years as a contractor from Ohio to Florida and also as a valley wide home remodeler and home builder provide me with a broad knowledge of design and construction. Having apprenticed with every trade, I thoroughly understand and bring to the project exceptional knowledge. Above all, customer satisfaction is our prime consideration. This is achieved by knowing that a project has to be done on time and within budget with the best workmanship that is available.

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